In the summer of 2016 I started creating installations.  I began to make these  pieces of work to heighten awareness of topics of  injustice. In each of these pieces you will notice chairs that surround the work. The chairs are there to invite the viewer to sit and take part in the piece. My installations stand as a memorial to those who can no longer speak.

If she hadn’t acted so free…

If only she hadn’t acted so free… was designed to pay my respects to Sandra Bland and countless others that have lost their lives due to racial injustice.  I want this piece to raise awareness of these issues and keep awareness alive until they no longer exist.  Also in this conversation I want to highlight the injustices of the prison system.  It was not created to insight HATE for anyone, but to continue this dialogue to make better communities. This piece has sound. It can be viewed by clicking here. 


Kitchen Table Conversations

Kitchen Table Conversations was created to bring people together to have conversations about race and police brutality. I wrote the names of the unarmed black people killed in the US from 200 – 2017 on a table cloth. On the wall behind the piece I wrote a poem by Martin Niemoller surrounded by the states that these killings have taken place. I asked people to sit at the table and engage in conversations about these issues and/or write their thoughts about subject.


Conversation is Off The Table

Conversations is Off The Table is a take on Kitchen Table Conversations. It was created using the table cloth and thoughts of the participants from that piece. This work highlights the media coverage of the police shooting of Justine Ruszczyk in comparison to the shootings of unarmed black people.



From the Hold of the Ship

From the Hold of the Ship explores race, shelter, beauty, policing and faith. It tells the narrative of the black experience  through layered imagery. 



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