Audio & Video Works

Black Boxed

Black Boxed is a collaboration between Nikki Brooks and Anderson Funk. Nikki created this sound collage and she wanted a way to put it into a rotary phone. That is where artist and engineer Anderson Funk comes in. He “Put some Funk on it”! He engineered the phone so when you walk by it it rings and you can pick up the receiver and hear Nikki’s sound collage.

The Black Woman Aesthetic Podcast

B.W.A. is a seasonal podcast about the representation of black female bodies in art and culture. It captures the stories of black women in a sound collage that showcases our power and what equity and justice look like for black women in the US. Through discussions about the complex intersections of our race, gender identity, class, sexual orientation and faith each guest’s story will serve as a brush stroke that affirms our experiences and lets us know that we are not alone. SUBCRIBE rate and leave a review wherever you get your podcast.

If She Hadn’t Acted So Free…

If she hadn’t acted so free… was designed to pay my respects to Sandra Bland and countless others that have lost their lives due to racial injustice.  I want this piece to raise awareness of these issues and keep awareness alive until they no longer exist.  Also in this conversation I want to highlight the injustices of the prison system.  It was not created to insight HATE for anyone, but to continue this dialogue to make better communities. This piece has sound.

Auction Block (this video has no sound)